Inner-simulator prompts


  • Pre-hindsight (part of Murphyjitsu, a broad technique out of CFAR)
    • Typical example: Pre-mortem. "Two months from now, we break up. What went wrong?"
    • In short, assume you already know the answer & let intuition fill in the blanks
    • "If a future version of myself travels to the now, what would they advise me?"
  • Other-ising
    • Taking the "Outside view" on yourself
    • How would you advise someone else in a similar position?
  • Concretizing – unpacking all the details
  • Thinking in bets
    • Even if you won't make a public bet, you can try going through the motions as if. Like, actually log onto and formulate a bet you'd stand behind, giving it a judgment day and a percentage. That gets you in touch with what you truly believe.
      • Bonus if you think about how much money you'd dare to put on this. When the involvement of money actually affects your answer, that's your inner sim giving you its true expectations rather than letting you believe the stories you like to tell.

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