Recent bugs, yet to be explained

Usually when we submit bug reports, we do painstaking detective work first, for good reason. But I often run across bugs I can't be bothered to track down, and I leave them unfixed for months or years. Why not publish them too? Hence this page. Maybe someone Googles a bug here and gets the chance to talk to me about it.

[2023-01-25 Wed] Emacs freezes when editing JS files

Still current as of [2023-01-25 Wed]

I suspect it has to do with Doom Emacs' javascript module. Even without +lsp, it starts up tsserver, which is probably a bug in itself.

Until recently, starting tsserver used to freeze my Emacs.

Nowadays, with Doom's javascript module, Emacs freezes when opening some files (at least those that contain a @flow comment), or when I try to comment out certain lines of JS.

[2022-09-28 Wed] org-element–cache-sync

An open eshell sometimes seems to mess with org-element--cache-sync. This interferes with the experience of editing Org buffers.

Killing the eshell makes org behave normally.

Created (16 months ago)