Nested notes enable folgezettel (note-sequences)


The packages zk, orgrr and denote mandate the rule of "one note per file". So how do they do note-sequences?

Well. In orgrr, you'd manually give special IDs to notes that should be parts of sequences, and then use commands like orgrr-show-sequence to work with them.

In org-roam, which permits nested notes, you'd just have a series of headings in a single file… you know, a conventional org-mode file.

I like that better. You can export it to PDF or HTML. There are ways to isolate and export a subtree from one file, but it's not as convenient (yet) to tell Org to concatenate multiple whole files and export them as one.

I suppose zk/orgrr/denote users could use org-transclusion to get the same effect.

Multiple sequences?

Hm… the concept of orgrr-show-sequence has merit. Nesting org-roam nodes only gives you one sequence. What if you want a node to be part of several?

For example, say you have a node about Isaac Newton, which could be part of both a Philosophy sequence and a Math sequence.

Well, you could have a "Math" note that transcludes all other math notes, and a "Philosophy" note that transcludes all the philosophy notes. And that works whether you use orgrr or org-roam. But yea, org-roam's ability to nest nodes suddenly became less important.

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