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Jethro Kuan said he started out writing a lot of "definition notes" which felt Wikipediaish. Then he found that writing "claim notes" instead, where the title is a proposition or so, feels more natural and leads to more creativity.

You can still have definition notes, particularly if they are "topic notes", indexes over a topic.

My problem: I already have some well-taxonomised PKM things.

  • How do I avoid destroying the information in the taxonomy as I convert it to Roam?
  • How do I keep it just as easy to browse a category/tag as it was to simply expand a subtree in my
    • Such a subtree also embedded other info:
      • the ordering of items could matter
      • Though a flat hierarchy, it was sometimes grouped e.g. in my I had a series of "Meta: …" headlines for reminding myself about how to write other copia headlines and their bodies

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