Basic LDR checklist

  • Are you asking your partner about their day?
  • Do you know what your partner is up to lately?
    • Not only what they're up to, but how they're doing?
  • Do you help them with what they're up to?
  • Do YOU know how you're feeling lately?
    • Do they know what you're up to lately?
    • Do they know know how you're feeling lately?
  • Do you know each other's hopes and worries?
  • Do you communicate in voice/video or just text? Are you both happy with the proportions?
  • Would you like to talk more often or less often? Or change the usual topics, e.g. talk less about the weather, or does it already feel like the topic always has to be serious?
  • Is there something silently bothering either of you? Like guilt that you're not available enough, or too much uncertainty about the future, things like that?
  • Would you like anything to work differently?

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