Bring the real you to the relationship

OK, some rels. need time to grow, but if there's a part of yourself you're holding off on revealing, that sort of thing should have a known stop-condition.

"Shadow-work": sunlighting the parts of yourself you're afraid of. It's also self-work, but it is not only for your sake, but so you can bring the real you to the relationship!

Tip: If too hard to be open, tell a therapist first. Also even if you don't endorse your own feelings, You can still talk about feelings you don't endorse.

Do shadow-workđź”—

"Secondly, showing up means consciously working to gain control of your emotions. This means clearing your unconscious. It’s called shadow work. It’s long, painful, and messy. Those shadows are slippery and elusive. Yet, if you commit to showing up, you will flush them out one by one.

As you do, you will have a slowly dawning sense of what emotional responsibility is. It’s the ability to be fully present with your emotions, no matter what they are.

Only when you’re able to be fully present with your emotions are you able to be fully present with yourself. This is the great gift of emotional responsibility—the full presence of your own being in your own life.

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