Portal: Rationality

Rationality techniquesπŸ”—

Vocabulary that could be helpful

  • The expression To lose the root for the tree
  • Burdensome details
  • Your strength as a rationalist is your ability to be more confused by fiction than by reality
  • I notice that I am confused (Hallowed phrases)

Notes on battle plans

My wetwareπŸ”—

Human heuristics, biases and fallaciesπŸ”—

For failures of groups, see Human cooperation.

Mistakes you tend to keep making even if you understand them

Mistakes you tend to stop making after you understand them (at least in each example situation pointed out)

Unsorted cogsci




General principles of minds (that would apply to alien and artificial minds as much as our own; for what's more to do with our mind-implementation on a homo sapiens brain, see rather My wetware)

Decision/game theory

Probability theoryπŸ”—

Value/moral theory

  • Metaethics
  • EY's Fun Theory

Anthropic reasoning

The universe

My gameboardπŸ”—


Human cooperationπŸ”—

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